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Thanks to our Sponsors!

                                                      All our Sponsors Welcome You!
           Major Sponsors
        Yorkton Distributors 191 York Rd West, Yorkton SK   306-782-2645
      KM Auto Care  50 Broadway St. West  Yorkton Sk 306-782-2638 or
      AgraTactics  Agronomy  25 Myrtle Ave. Yorkton SK  306-783-2767 or
      B & K Storage LTD.  Yorkton SK   call Kerry  306-621-3148
      Vehicles,furniture or anything else Big or small heated or cold storage
      Graham's Tire        3010 Albert St  Regina SK  306-352-8473
      Yorkton Toyota     5 Kelsey Bay  Yorkton SK  306-782-2233 
       H & R  Block    Unit C  23 Smith St.  Yorkton SK   306-783-7011 
       Precision Machine Works   342 Quebec St  Regina SK   306-352-6320
         Napa Auto Parts   30 Palliser Way   Yorkton SK     306-782-2902
    Atlas Aggregates & Const. 135 York Road West Yorkton, SK 306-782-1600
Sherring Gold Jewellers   91 Broadway St. East, Yorkton SK  306-782-4653
Yorkton Concrete Products LTD   209 York Road East   Yorkton SK  306-782-2264
Maple Farm Equipment  Hwy 10 East Yorkton SK  306-783-9459
Road Rage Customs   Ebenezer SK   306-782-0306   
Rocen Autosports   332 Broadway St West  Yorkton SK    306-783-2886 / 621-7067
Westerhaug Buslines   Broadway St West  Yorkton SK   306-783-9331
Fountain Tire   4 Palliser Way  Yorkton SK   306-783-8567
Logan Stevens Equipment   200 York Rd East   306-783-3678
SaskTel    1-800-727-5835
A & B Custom Spraying
Painted  Hand  Casino   510 Broadway  St. West  Yorkton SK   306-786-6777
Handcock  Plumbing   71 Broadway St. East  Yorkton SK   306-783-3028
U-Drive  Tractor Trailer Training    RM of Orkney   306-786-6600
Campbell  Autobody
Canadian Tire   Parkland Mall Yorkton SK   306-783-9733 
LT  Motorsports
Ottenbreit Sanitation Services   210 Ball Road   Yorkton SK   306-783-6995
The Hot Rod Shop   Yorkton SK     Call Wade  306-783-1510  306-621-3787
  Chassis Dyno and order all your Parts or Hi-Performance parts you need
Gardon Securities   35 Betts Ave   Yorkton SK   306-782-0211
Campbell Autobody & Restoration Services   79 1st  Street East   Wadena SK   306-338-3866
Yorkton Hyundai   115 Palliser Way   Yorkton SK   306-783-8080
Olson Diesel   536Broadway St East  HWY 10   Yorkton SK    306-783-5501
Cherrydale Golf  Hwy 10 East  Yorkton SK  306-786-6877
Parkland Engine Rebuilders   517 Broadway St East   306-782-2453   
Farrell Agency's   160-41 Broadway St West  Yorkton SK  306-783-4477
Merv's Frame & Wheel   132 York Rd East   Yorkton SK   306-783-6019
Penguin Ice    5 Assiniboia Ave  Yorkton SK   306-782-1477
Yorkton Dodge   270 Hamilton Rd  Yorkton SK   306-783-9022
D's Signs & Designs   80 Smith St West   306-786-6644
Leading Edge Aviation   Airport   Yorkton SK   306-783-0321
Sharp Automotive   278 Myrtle Avenue  Yorkton SK   306-782-2396
Truck Proz    Hwy 10 East  Yorkton SK   306-782-4313
Yorkton Co-op    30 Argyle St.  Yorkton SK   306-783-3601
Maks Construction LTD   Yorkton SK   306-782-7407   
Schraders Honda Yamaha Suzuki   Hwy 9 North  Yorkton SK   306-783-3333
Kal Tire   50 7th Ave South   Yorkton SK   306-782-2334
L H Recycled Auto Parts  15 York Road West   Yorkton SK   306-782-4395 / 800-657-4395
Snap On
Parkland Community Collage (Firefighters Coarse) Yorkton SK
Whitewood Dodge  
Great Canadian Oil Change   171 Broadway  St. East  Yorkton SK   306-786-2101
Quality Tire Service   216 York Road East  Yorkton SK   306-782-0444
Yorkton Hotel   14  2nd  Ave. North  Yorkton SK   306-782-2947
Epic Audio Video Unlimited (Mr. Stereo)  295 Broadway St. West  Yorkton SK   306-782-4777  
Arrowhead Motors   15 York Road West  Yorkton SK   306-782-4835

 *more to be added later

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